Computational Thermoforming




  • Paper topic: Fabrication
  • Software type: Partial Code
  • Able to run a replicability test: True
  • Replicability score: 1
  • Software language: Other
  • License: unspecified
  • Build mechanism: Not applicable (python, Matlab..)
  • Dependencies: Maple
  • Documentation score {0,1,2}: 0
  • Reviewer: Nicolas Bonneel <>
  • Time spent for the test (build->first run, timeout at 100min): 10min

Source code information


The code consists in two Maple worksheets that generate C code. 
- generates the membrane energy, its gradient, Hessian and differentials
- : same things for the bending energy.
Create a codegen subdirectory, otherwise it doesn't work. A calibration pattern is also provided.
The generated codes are of course not self-contained, are not really readable, and are just part of the software used to produce the paper results.

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