Singularity-constrained octahedral fields for hexahedral meshing




  • Paper topic: Geometry
  • Software type: Code
  • Able to run a replicability test: True
  • Replicability score: 2
  • Software language: c++
  • License: GPLv3
  • Build mechanism: cmake
  • Dependencies: OpenVolumeMesh, GMM, Eigen (included during cmake)
  • Documentation score {0,1,2}: 1
  • Reviewer: David Coeurjolly <>
  • Time spent for the test (build->first run, timeout at 100min): 30min

Source code information


Easy build from the building instructions. The example works perfectly from the provdied input file (the project page also contains additional input data). The software outputs an openvolumemesh file (.ovmn ascii file) which can be seen using OpenFlipper Using this tool, I was able to visualize a tetrahedrization of the input geometry but not the hexahedral one.

Comment from the Disqus: I think the code output the frames as rotation matrices. Getting the hexahedral mesh is not part of the project.


  • Paper topic: Geometry
  • Able to run a replicability test: No
  • Reviewer: David Coeurjolly
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